Kirk & Paula Dunham

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Kirk and Paula are missionaries with Rockies Southwest Bible Church Extension. They are working to reestablish Green River Bible Church in Green River, Utah. They live predominately in the LDS community. There is also a minority group of Hispanics that they also try to reach. They were missionaries in Nepal for thirteen years, and part of their hearts will always be there. They try to make periodic trips back there to encourage the believers.

The Dunham family has spread out nicely in the last couple of years. Kirk and Paula and Abi are all still in Green River, UT; while Josh has found a job in Grand Junction, Colorado; Lydia is at a school in California; and Rachel with a ministry as a medical student in Israel. The Church here in Green River has had some encouraging growth especially in the form of a new children’s program and a young youth group already willing to help run the kid’s night. Prayers have been answered with several new families in attendance. Please pray for our outreach to the Hispanic community, with plenty of contacts and no real disciples we are still at the beginning phase. Please continue to pray for Godly men who will come forward as leaders, we seem to have more followers ready to learn than ever before. In a Sunday School class this last week an 11 year old student realized that Jesus’ atonement opened the door between us and God and forgiveness. The wheels were turning like crazy in his little head when he asked, “what about all the people before Jesus came?” Abi explained the premise of the Old Testament but also discussed how some people still don’t know that Jesus came and it’s for those people that we continue on in this endeavor. This rings true in all our forms of ministry and outreach. We strive to help people see that open door!