Gene and Frances Davis

Gene and Frances direct the Athletes in Action Wrestling ministry based in Colorado Springs with five staff couples – three based here, one in Wisconsin and one in Missouri.  Gene and Frances joined the AIA staff in 1968.  Their 3 focus areas are:

1.  The Olympic Training Center with the U.S. resident teams and the foreign teams that come to compete and train.  They often help host international teams or individuals that come, giving them a chance to have an international impact as the world comes to them.  They have a weekly Bible Study with athletes from many sports, as well as interns that meet at the OTC.  It has been going for about 6 years and is a great opportunity to have a biblical influence and develop young leaders.  Gene also meets with individuals in discipleship and has a presence at the wrestling practices.  It is a God-given open door.

2.  International tours to many areas of the world where they recruit and disciple wrestlers to go and share the claims of Christ in the countries where they travel to train and compete.

3.  Wrestling Camps for kids and coaches where wrestling technique and spiritual training are presented.