Pulpit and Teaching Ministry

The Purpose:

We will be known as a Bible teaching church where the members of our congregation are encouraged to develop reverence and affection for God’s Word and its application privately and corporately, as it is read, shared, taught, preached, and memorized for its Holy Spirit inspired ability to bring the timeless truths of our Lord to bear upon all aspects of our lives as our final rule of faith and practice.

Our passion is to pursue the Sovereign God as our joy and satisfaction in all of life. This pursuit takes us directly to the Bible. For people of all ages we uphold the Word of God as the unifying authority for truth and teaching. We believe it is biblical, Holy Spirit-empowered, passionate, practical teaching and preaching that helps establish sound theology and provides stability and discernment for us as individuals and as a church. We seek biblical excellence and relevance in our adult, youth and children’s ministries in order to inspire bold Christian lives.