Every Member Ministry

The Purpose of Small Group Ministry:

We will be a church that equips and encourages one another through practical biblical instruction, fellowship, prayer and loving interdependent relationships.

From the application of biblical teaching, the loving leadership of our Elders and the divine enablement of the Holy Spirit, every member of our congregation is equipped to serve one another, which promotes the maturing process of the Body of Christ. The power of God is shown through the gifts of the Holy Spirit given by God’s grace to enable every member to be a minister of our church. As a congregation we desire to see the corporate and small group meetings of our church to become supportive, faith building opportunities through interaction and ministry.

As a church we want to provide our members the opportunity to be involved in small caring communities where members can glorify God through practical expressions of Holy Spirit inspired love and concern for one another’s spiritual and emotional development and needs (John 15:12, Gal 6:10).   Our small groups are designed and structured to provide a nurturing and safe environment where participants can serve one another, pray for one another, worship together and interact with God’s Word (Heb 10:24, Col 3:16).

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