Rodger and Lynne Schmidt

Rodger and Lynne serve in Mozambique.  The Schmidt family is involved in life on life mentoring of young Mozambican men, ages 18-25, through a ministry called International Internship in Mission that they founded in 2007.  With these young men, they have started a profitable egg farm that supports the internship program financially.  They have also started 2 churches in two communities near the capital city of Maputo.  The young men are involved in every aspect of church leadership, preaching, teaching, etc.  The internship recently graduated its first 6 interns.  2 have come back to lead the internship alongside of the Schmidts.  The rest of the graduates are actively researching and working diligently toward starting their own small businesses so that they might be able to support their future families while they also do the work of the ministry. The vision the Schmidt’s have is that every province in Maputo will have such a “missional community”, where people are living and working together to accomplish the work of the Kingdom. For the most recent information about the Schmidt’s, check out their blog.