Prayer & Worship

A Definition:

Worship is an expression of a biblical assessment of the character of God where His people are enabled by the Holy Spirit to openly express the humble desire and thoughtful pursuit of God’s grace and goodness found in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Purpose:

We will be a church with our attention focused on the awesomeness of God, which results in heartfelt communion with God, made known in our midst through honest respectful prayers, thoughtful readings of Scripture, skillful instrumental music, vibrant vocal music, and fervent declarations of biblical truth.

As a church we believe that worship is a way of life. This means that we do not draw distinctions between secular and sacred activities. All that we do must be done wholeheartedly as an act of worship. Two aspects of corporate worship include prayer and music.

  • Prayer is God’s sovereign means of empowering our efforts in ministry and worship. Christians are to be people of prayer and the church is to be a place where prayer is promoted and practiced.
  • Musical praise of God is central to the expression of our deep thoughts about and our deep feelings for God. Our musical praise is evidence of a God-centered passion that inspires the participation of the members of NBC.

The people of NBC are encouraged to corporately express praise to God, as they feel led by the Word of God and the Spirit of God. Congregational worship may be displayed by stillness, pondering, reflecting, mourning, kneeling, confessing, weeping, repenting, obeying, clapping, lifting hands, and praising. But our worship will always be displayed in a fitting and orderly manner with the glory of God as our focus.