The Purpose of Evangelism Ministries:

We will be a church with a passion for building the kingdom of God through sharing the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. We will equip God’s people to know the gospel, to have confidence in God’s power and to nurture evangelistic relationships. We will encourage personal evangelism and we will provide and encourage participation in corporate evangelistic events.

The Purpose of Benevolence Ministries:

We will be a church that rejoices in God’s gracious provision by overflowing with God’s love to meet the needs of the poor and hurting in our church and community.

We want the majority of NBC’s growth to be a result of reaching the lost and hurting of our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. By God’s sovereign design there are times when unbelievers become acutely aware of the aimlessness of life and the hollowness of this world. As Christians we know the greatest opportunity for satisfaction in life is experienced through personal salvation made possible by God’s grace alone, in Christ alone, by faith alone. So we encourage the members of NBC to have evangelistic sensitivity and boldness in their natural web of relationships (i.e. family, neighborhood, workplace, marketplace, etc.). Our community will be impacted by the gospel as we open our eyes to the various needs of people and develop creative ways to reach out as servants who look for God-given opportunities to communicate Christ’s love and truth. We encourage our members to invite their lost friends and family to NBC, because the church gathered for worship can be a powerful witness of Christ’s love and life. When unbelievers come to NBC, we want to be a congregation that expresses a warm, loving, welcoming and God-exalting environment.