Loving the Law

Do you love the law of God?  In Matthew 4:4, Jesus says that “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”  Jesus, speaking to Satan and quoting Scripture, is making the point that there are some things more important than our daily provision.  All of our needs are met by God alone.  Shouldn’t we then value Him above the things we need on earth, knowing that as a loving Father He will provide us with everything we need?  When we do this, we learn to love the Giver and not the gifts.  The gifts point us back to the glory of the Giver.

The words in the Bible, are the very words of God, recorded for our benefit and instruction.  When we are born again, our eyes are opened to Spiritual realities that we couldn’t see before.  We are given a new heart to love God and not the things of earth and the things we chased after before in our sin and selfishness.  God has given us new life and has caused us to love Him…and His words.

There are many reasons and ways that a child of God can get distracted and lose affection for the very words of God that they were meant to live by.  Sin is the biggest reason.  We sin because we want to.  When we sin, we are choosing to ignore God’s words and instruction and go after that which is unholy and opposed to God.  We aren’t going to delight in His words when they are opposed to the things we want in our sin.  We may read them and believe them, but we won’t delight in them.

The key to loving the law, or the words of God, is to pray to God that He changes our heart to love Him more than our sin.  When we look upon Him as our satisfaction, joy, and sufficiency, we delight in His words and want to know them more and more.  More than that, we want them to shape our lives to be pleasing to the God who created and saved us.  We don’t just like them or agree with them, we love them.  We treasure them.  We need them.  We live by them.

As we ponder over our love (or lack of love) for God’s words, let’s pray that God opens our eyes to see what we love or don’t love about Him.  Where do His words confront my life in a way that I reject or resent them?  Pray that He molds your heart in accordance with His words in Psalm 119 which says “9 How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word.10 With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments!11 I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. 12 Blessed are you, O Lord; teach me your statutes!”